Invest in an established company! The real estate group issues its first bonds.

Invest in Y&T Luxury Property anniversary bonds with a yield of 9% p.a.* and also gain a bonus for insurance of your real estate with Finoté 

Y&T Luxury Property – company which engages in provision of services in the field of consulting, brokerage and sale of real estate in Prague and other attractive locations has launched sale of first bonds, the proceeds of which it intends to use for expansion on the domestic market and development of its activities. Funds from the bond sale will be invested in Y&T group projects. In the following years, we plan to focus on the enlargement of the sales team, the development of new functions of the CRM system, which will ensure more effective targeting in connecting sellers and buyers, which will bring us financial and non-financial benefits, and our investors an interest of 9%.

“This is the first opportunity to participate in the development of new services offered by Y&T Luxury Property. To support a popular brand in its growth and in addition to that, gain a bonus for your real estate. I know we have often surprised you and made you laugh with our adverts. And I also know that we are one of a handful of companies which you have a strong affinity for,” says company founder Mgr. Elena Jakubovič, MBA.

  • Love brand 
  • Established in 2010 
  • 500,000 clients
  • Unique CRM system  
  • Portfolio growth in 2022 by 120% 
  • Our service quality rating – 4.8* from 5*
  • Focused on real estate - Premium segment

Elena Jakubovič, founder

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9 %
Special discount on insurance for your property from Finoté
Minimum investment
50 000 Kč
Issue price + aliquot interest yield
50 000 Kč
3 years | 28 February 2026
Issue volume
23 500 000
Documentary registered security
Yield payment
1x per year
Issue date
1 March 2023

Why to invest in Y&T bonds?

Property is the most stable investment

High inflation made investors to invest their funds in real estate

We are situated directly at the source of information about the real estate market

We expect prices to rise much faster between 2024 and 2025 than they did
over the last 10 years

Investors of our first bonds will gain absolute priority to invest in our new investment projects

We have been in contact with some of our clients since 2010

Thousands of satisfied clients have already entrusted Y&T Luxury Property  millions with their properties 

Calculate a bond yield

The amount of investment:
250 000 Kč
Total yield for 3 years after taxation: 62 694 Kč

Who is Y&T?

Y&T Luxury Property is a dominant company on the Prague real estate market which is famous not only for its creative marketing approach - in which the main role is played by a female team, but also due to the fact that it is also a company run by a woman. 

Y&T Luxury Property offers its services in the field of consulting, sale and rental of new buildings and historical items of real estate. It is one of the few companies which digitises all of its processes and sees a great future in utilisation of new technologies. Established in March 2010, the company has from the very beginning always financed its activities in the field of brokering services purely from its own resources without the need for involvement of any investors. 

In 2023-2025, it plans to expand into new sectors, speed up development of its CRM system and offer its clients an even more comprehensive service. 

Y&T Luxury Property handles the rental and sale of premium real estate in Prague and its sister financial company Finoté offers mortgages and real estate insurance. It compares the best on offer from 17 domestic banks and insurance companies for its clients. Y&T Luxury Property handles the rental and sale of premium real estate in Prague and its sister financial company Finoté offers mortgages and real estate insurance. It compares the best on offer from 17 domestic banks and insurance companies for its clients.

The group also includes the politically independent online magazine, which is a media partner of the real estate agency and perfectly completes the synergy between the individual projects, which support each other. The magazine focuses on current topics that move the world forward, change opinions and create conditions for business.

Apart from its business activities, the team at Y&T Luxury Property finances the entire operation of the Our Lungs Foundation which was established during the COVID-19 pandemic. Donations are made through a series of smaller collections, 100% of which goes towards purchasing specific items of medical equipment. Donations are used to support a clear purpose and the Our Lungs Foundation does not use a single crown of the donors’ money for its operation.

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Our customers are very satisfied with our services.

See their references.

Rating 4,7
128 reviews
Rating 4,8
30 reviews

Frequently asked questions

How can you guarantee that I won’t lose money on my investment?

Every investment involves a certain degree of risk. However, in our case, you are not investing in a startup but in a stable company proven over time which has had a presence on the market since 2010. Our company started to do business during the real estate crisis and it also weathered the Covid crisis in 2020 - 2021 when the real estate market came to a virtual standstill. The company has thousands of completed transactions under its belt, a huge client database and an innovative CRM system which is unparalleled on the Czech market. 

We have been in contact with some of our clients since 2010. Together with the development of our company, we also see their lives progress, starting with the rental of their first flat, moving on to buying the first one-bedroom flat of their very own, all the way through to them buying a large flat or house. 

We are situated directly at the source of information about the real estate market and we don’t have to wait for consulting companies to publish an analysis of real estate pricing developments because thanks to the diversity of our portfolio, we can monitor this ourselves on a daily basis and clearly define what the latest trend is. 

Thousands of satisfied clients have already entrusted Y&T Luxury Property with their real estate (the most valuable tangible asset) and earned millions.

How does the increase in interest rates and slowdown on the real estate market affect Y&T Luxury Property?

It is true that articles about the drop in demand associated with the rise in interest rates have been appearing more frequently in the media lately. This is a phenomenon which could not help but affect the lower segments of the market where demand really did drop. However, this change had a minimal impact on our company’s business because most of our clients did not finance their property using a mortgage. On the contrary, the soaring rate of inflation has caused many investors to turn their gaze back to real estate as one of the most stable forms of investment. Throughout the whole of our company’s history, despite the pessimistic forecasts, property prices have risen most in Prague and its surrounding areas. We expect prices to rise much faster between 2024 and 2025 than they did over the last 10 years. Find out more here.

How is investment in Y&T Luxury Property bonds taxed?

Investment in bonds is subject to a 15% withholding tax, which we will pay for you, so the yield on the bonds you receive in your account has already been taxed.

Which fees are associated with buying Y&T Luxury Property bonds?

If you order bonds via this website, there are no fees associated with their purchase.

Which type of account is used to pay the yield from your purchase of bonds?

You can simply use any of your personal accounts for payment of the yield on your bonds.

Are you interested in investing or need advice?

We will contact you as soon as possible

Would you rather call?

Ing. Michaela Kulhánková
Bond sale
+420 731 411 071

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